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This is the main industrial motor that lifts, holds and lowers the chandelier. Engineered with a safety factor to ensure reliable operation for many years. Made in the USA, Dynapac offers 1000 lb, 2000 lb, and 4000 lb capacity chandelier hoists.

Electric Cable Reel with Data Transmission

Use this feature if your chandelier requires computer data to drive LED modules. Conveniently transmit data is speeds up to 1 Gigigabit per second.

Safety Arrestor/Bracket

This safety device will hold the weight of your chandelier in case the primary wire rope is cut or compromised. The chandelier may fall a few inches, but will be safely held without crashing to the ground.

Drop Pulley Assembly

This element is placed directly above the hanging point of the chandelier. Redirects the wire rope, the safety arrest belt, and the power cable into the chandelier below.

Key Switch

A keyed switch to operate the hoist up/down should always be located within direct line of sight of the chandelier. Pre-set up and down limits prevent overtravel and damage to the chandelier or ceiling.

Wireless Remote

If you have many chandeliers in one room, a wireless remote can simplify the operation of the hoist equipment. One hand-held wireless remote can control up to 99 separate chandelier hoist units. Also, reduces the need to run electrical wires through a wall to mount a key switch.

Chandelier Connection Assembly

Safely connect your chandelier to the wire rope with this engineered secure device. Made to adapt to standard chandelier connections such as IPS Pipe threads or Eye-Bolts.

Chandelier Connection Assembly with Orientation

This chandelier connector devices allows you to keep the edges of your chandelier oriented with respect to the walls of the room. With it, a square chandelier, for example, will always park with the square edges of the fixture aligned with the room. No more crooked chandeliers when parked in the full up position.

Intermediate Pulleys

These pulleys are used for long cable runs to prevent drooping in the electric cable and safety arrest belt. They can also be used to redirect the primary wire rope that holds the chandelier to route around walls, ducts, or other building geometry.

Custom Mounting Plates

Sometimes it is necessary to fabricate a mounting surface that is customized to fit the building where the chandelier hoist is being installed. Our engineers can help design and suggest a properly sized mounting plate to fix the chandelier hoist, electric cable reel, safety arrester and drop pulley assembly properly in your building.